Wallpaper Star NB


  • 120 x 270 cm
  • self-adhesive wallpaper
  • exclusive graphics
  • easy to apply

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Shipping: Three days

Tired of the usual white and apathetic walls?? Nana Bianca has the solution for you! With this self-adhesive wallpaper you can change the walls of any room with only a few steps and without making too much of a dent in your start-up budget. This model has exclusive graphics and is easy to apply, just use it like a regular sticker. Giving a touch of color and creativity to your work environment has never been easier! Tips for positioning: two people hold the strip of wallpaper, one at the bottom of the wall, the other at the top on a ladder; remove the rear protective film starting from the top down; place the upper end against the wall and hold the lower end away from the wall; press firmly using a roller horizontally, starting from the top and proceeding downward across the entire surface of the paper to be applied. If you are using more that 1 strip, place the second vertical strip next to the one already applied without overlapping the first, making sure the designs match up.