NB Scrum Adhesive Blackboard


  • practical adhesive board
  • for all surfaces
  • easy to apply and remove

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Shipping: Three days

Working with objectives and planning your actions is crucial to the acceleration process of all start-ups. To simplify this task-oriented approach and maximize your daily planning, Nana Bianca has designed this practical adhesive board with three simple columns: To Do, Doing, and Done. Easy to apply and remove, it adheres to all surfaces and leaves no trace of residue. Besides being endowed with a practical application sheet, this task planner blackboard/whiteboard even has pre-spaced writable parts to allow for fast and accurate positioning. If, despite these practicalities, you choose not to write with the included chalk, don’t worry! In the box you will also find practical removable self- adhesive notes that allow you to attach and detach them to the blackboard/whiteboard easily and functionally.